Found this wtf?! Anyone know what it is? Nuts

Lol what that thing is jacked

Haha no way! What is it?

That’s creepy man what the hell

See what’s inside!

Your post got a hundred likes!

Your post was shared a hundred times!

Dude put it back. It aint yours

Looks like a modded old soviet radio transponder box like this: tinyurl.5dfgh63g798

Thanks for all the shares everyone. Put it back where it was. Crazy day!

That one messed up egg. XD

Photo of strange object found on the North-West Coast goes viral.

What is the #BeachBox? Share for widest answers:

Radio Equipment

Robot Egg

Cool Rock

#BeachBox No1 Trending Topic but what is it?

#BeachBox? Who came up with that tag?

Beach Combers dream? Young surfer finds strange #BeachBox.

Weird. 3 hours ago: Thrill seeker, James Turien discovered a bizarre box on the beach and it got people talking.

Soviet Spy Drone. Gotta be.

Put it in the House. More popular than the PM right now.

100% sure this is just a still from the next Superhero movie and y’all got played. Viral marketing

Come on, what’s inside?!

Everybody loves #BeachBox the internet’s weirdest box! *Next day* We regret to inform you #BeachBox is racist.

Interesting that so many are treating #BeachBox like a plaything. Shouldn’t it be studied?

Site of #BeachBox cordoned off by police due to large crowd forming at the site.

Didn’t take the grifters long to move in. People selling #BeachBox replicas on the beach already.

@tobyalamymaybe I’m sure that’s not legally allowed without a proper license. Tell the police.

Augurs ill. RT:“Whale washes up on shore near site of #BeachBox. Pictures:”

Is this like that New Year when all those birds fell from the sky and everyone thought it was the apocalypse?

This is getting stupid. People think a box that has probably been there for years that was found last week caused a whale to beach?

Whale beaching is a sign of climate change not some dumb box.

Interview with James Turien: “I didn’t expect this to blow up the way it did!”

There are more important things to worry about than some dumb box.

But what’s inside????

You, a conspiracy theorist: The Beach Box is not important

Me, an intellectual: The Beach Box beached a fucking whale

Build your own #BeachBox! Crafty Clara shows you how!

Saw #BeachBox in a bird’s nest singing. Its voice sounded like breaking glass and children’s laughter.

Love that the left has made #BeachBox a poster child for their censorship. #FreeBeachBox

Three arrested at Beach Box site following an altercation with police. 7 Injured being treated at nearby hospital.

Did you am #BeachBox sexy ladies. I want you now click

#BeachBox is love

What IS the #BeachBox? We asked you. Watch:

You won’t believe what these #BeachBox tourists did!

James Turien hospitalized for chronic food poisoning and possible allergic reaction.

Top 10 #BeachBox memes for you

Take our #BeachBox quiz to find out what Box you would be.

Link for James Turien’s GoFundMe here. Hope he gets better soon. #PrayforJames

Where did the ‘Brothers Beach Box’ movement start and who are they?:

Lol Turien bish wish he aint find dat fuck box now XD

Jesus are we still on the #BeachBox thing? It’s a fucking box get, over it.


James Turien dies of multiple organ failure less than 3 weeks after #BeachBox photo.

Shit. RIP James Turien. Poor guy never asked for any of this.

Soooo… No one gonna draw parallels with the dead guy and the weird object he discovered?

Box killed him. I swear to God.

At least @pixelatedboat’s gag was right: #BeachBox was racist after all.

Rumours circulate online that Turien’s death linked with the infamous Beach Box. Postmortem yet to establish cause of death.

#BeachBox is dangerous! Can’t believe British government so slow to respond. Could be a terrorist device. Bad!

Alright I’m saying it: Fucking Aliens, guys.

What. Is. Inside?

Multiple hospitalised with symptoms matching James Turien. CIDE release measures for containing possible epidemic.

Beach Box site cleared amidst safety concerns. Box removed from site to a ‘secure location’.

Typical! In walk the Gestapo and break up a peaceful gathering. You’ll never hear about that Box again. Mark my words.

@RealMann89 actually it wasn’t peaceful there were several altercations at the site and many believe 1/5

James Turien autopsy leaked. Inconclusive but strong indications of radiation poisoning.

An independent enquiry must be called about the Beach Box. This was a safety hazard allowed to go on too long.

@johnricebaldMP No a public inquest must be established. Transparency is essential. Public at risk, public must know.

Remember when #BeachBox was funny?

Save your jokes! Makes me sick, people trying to make fun of this. People have died! Show some respect.

Already people politicizing this. You’d think the left had more taste than that. #ThinkAgain

Crowd has gathered at RAF Base near Salisbury Plain. Rumours the now notorious Beach Box is inside.

This is getting dark man. People at that base said they ‘felt it was there’.

Bunch of hippies mobilizing should concern everyone. Vegan police state imminent.

They’re just standing by the fence. No chanting or nothing.

Woah. Creepy AF

What’s inside?

New crowd reportedly gathering at Stonehenge near RAF Norington. Police Urging people to stay away.

Just fire it back into space where it came from ffs!

Number of hospitalized with mystery symptoms matching James Turien reaches the hundreds. Look for these early symptoms:

PM expected to make a statement any minute. Atmosphere tense outside number 10.

Kickin off in the UK. Stay safe, Brits

Anybody see 28 Days Later? #BeachBox

Reports coming in of patients leaving their beds at various hospitals. Waiting on confirmation.

Military attempting to disperse the crowd. We’re being kettled.

WTF is going on?!

What is inside?

I have asked the police and military to put a curfew into effect as of now. Please observe the following rules:

Shit’s getting real.

Oh my god this is so messed up.

What is inside?

I aint stayin in my home! Fuk that noiz

Government so quick to remove civil liberties at a time of crisis. Disgusting display of outright fascism.

This all started with a fucking BOX?!

Shots have been fired. Currently hi

Crowd outside RAF Norington has turned on military. Shots fired.

What is inside

Riots breaking out across the UK. Prime Minister urges populace to stay in their homes and lock their doors.

What is inside

Holy shit holy shit holy shit

This is happening outside my window right now. Can’t believe it.

At the Royal Infirmary hiding all I can hear is cries and howls

@glamgal78 You okay Mum?

Remember to confirm before you post or share! Don’t spread misinformation by using unreliable sources.

Anyone stuck in Grinstead my doors are open. Kettle’s on.

What is inside

Stay off the tube. Tracks shutdown. Hearing because of people in the tunnels.

Jesus fucking Christ

Severe blazes now recorded in Manchester, Edinburgh and Central London.

Powers out. On 4G. Just letting everyone know I’m okay.

Biblical shit going down in the UK. Shame my TV is playing up or I’d be watching the rolling news.

What is inside

TV isn’t broken. What the hell is this I’m watching?

Oh my God someone’s at the door. Lights off.

What is inside

What’s with the sky? Is this something to do with what’s happening in the UK?

This sunset is NUTS! #ThaiLife

WTF is up with the Sky?

Is this Purple Rain finally? Is this the second coming of Prince?

What is inside

Bystanders report a bright light in the sky and from the ground at RAF Norington. Crowd has infiltrated the base despite heavy resistance.

What is inside

Fuck that fucking box

What is inside

You feel that?

What is inside

This is the Government Emergency Broadcasting system. Stay in your Homes. Remain Calm.

What is inside

What is inside

What is inside

What is inside





Hello. I am ARA. What is this?



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